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What Is EgoPilot?


Every living conscious human faces similar basic tasks, responsibilities, and challenges.  We all need food, shelter, safety, relationships, education, and spiritual fulfillment.  Each person will go about meeting those basic needs the best he or she knows how.  Some ways are more successful than others.

EgoPilot offers a way of seeking success, of meeting life needs, and increasing fulfillment and happiness.  This approach is based on one fundamental, logical, existential premise. Each individual person’s self is the center of his or her life, behaviors, and conscious experiences.  Everything we are aware of, everything we do or experience, must involve our self.  We cannot experience another person's thoughts or dreams, only our own.  We cannot think or act for another person, only for ourselves. Though we can influence others from the outside, we can only change ourselves from the inside. Our self is therefore the literal center of our subjective, individual, spiritual universe.  Therefore, anything we do to seek success in life must involve working with our self, as the core requirement.

How can this help me?

There are many programs, approaches, and lifestyle suggestions that are meant to help us improve ourselves.  However, not many of these programs really focus on helping us truly understand ourselves in the critically important areas.  EgoPilot is aimed at helping us to become more aware of ourselves, to better understand our unique selves, and to use this understanding to create plans and strategies to improve our selves and our lives.

What does it offer?

This site aims to provide useful articles, information, insights, and sharing opportunities, to subscribers who are seriously working toward greater self understanding and self improvement.  EgoPilot also provides a variety of tools, strategies, and support for subscribers.  For those who may benefit more from direct support services, on-line seminars or individual life coaching can be arranged.

What does it cost?

EgoPilot is built on a collaborative sharing model. Those who find this site to be valuable are free to contribute toward the production and upkeep of the site if they so wish. Services such as seminars, printed materials, and individual life coaching, will be provided at special rates to subscribers. 

Who is behind this?

The idea of EgoPilot is one that has been developing in my mind for the last twenty years or so.  I am an educator by profession.  I have worked as a
 teacher, guidance counselor, school administrator, education consultant, and a life coach, over the past 38 years. I have had years of formal and informal training and experience in helping, coaching, and mentoring, individuals and organizations with a variety of life issues.  From my formal studies in school and family guidance and mental health counseling, family mediation and conflict resolution, and by following my insatiable quest to better understand the human mind and the human being, I have crystallized what I believe to be a very practical approach to personal development and lifestyle management.  I hope that this project will capture the essence of my many years of life and professional experience, and will be used to benefit those who are on their own personal life journeys and quests for success and fulfillment.


I will also share a brief snapshots of parts of my own journey to self actualization with subscribers through blog postings.  However, I do not believe the value of EgoPilot lies within my own list of personal credentials, experiences, achievements, or endorsements.  I believe the value of EgoPilot lies in its informed, practical, rational, reality-based approach that produces results when applied. The approach I am sharing has been very effective for me and many others in our life journeys.  It works on its own merit, not because it is being promoted by me or by others. However, each individual is different, and may require a different path or different approaches to get through life.  Each person will have to figure out what works best for him or her.  I think for many people, EgoPilot can help, hence my investment in this project.

How do I get more information?

All visitors to this site can read an Introduction to EgoPilot in the page listed above.  

For those who find EgoPilot interesting and would like to be a part of this collaboration for personal development, please subscribe using our link below.  EgoPilot subscribers have access to all member pages, posts, forums, and EgoPilot tools and materials.



EgoPilot does not offer pyschotherapy, clinical mental health assessments or interventions, or psychological assessment services.  It is a self-development approach based on an educational model and shared insights and practices.  If your concerns may be clinical in nature, we recommend that you seek assistance from a licensed mental health professional in your area.


To learn more about EgoPilot, or to continue your own journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, or to share insights with others who are also on this journey, please subscribe and become a member.


Please note:

This site is an on-going project.  Many of its features are still under development and will reflect changes over time.  Please assist us by noting any typos, errors, unclear content, navigation, or other issues that may affect your user experience.  We are constantly in the process of growth and development and will therefore be far from perfect.  Thank you for visiting our site and for your understanding.  We sincerely hope that this site, though imperfect, can contribute to your personal development, even in some small way.


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